Party Extras

Clown Show

A girl clown will perform an interactive show!! The show will feature lots of games and contests bringing big smiles to little faces. Our professional sound system provides music throughout the games & contests, children's chairs, lollipops, and gifts for all game winners are provided.

The show also includes creative face painting (the complete face) for every child, (Butterflies, Tigers, Batman, Spiderman, Bunnies, Princesses, Clowns and much more!)

Our professional Clown will make the birthday child the star of the show, pose for pictures and participate in the cake and the pinata!

Create a Bear

"Create a Bear" is a fun and interactive activity where kids get to choose an animal to stuff and adopt for themselves as a special gift. A bear specialist will help create your new special friend.

Choose the perfect name for your new friend, make a wish on the wishing star and create a personalized adoption certificate to take home with you in your own little bag. We are committed to ensuring that every child has a fun and exciting adventure and leaves the party feeling great about the "Create a Bear" experience!

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